Saudi eVisa from Bahrain

Updated on Feb 08, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

The online system for Saudi Arabia eVisa enables eligible foreign residents, including those from Bahrain, to easily apply for their visas online. This streamlined process saves applicants valuable time and effort.

Saudi Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Saudi Arabia for a period of time upto 30 days for travel or business purposes. International visitors must have a Saudi e-Visa to be able to visit Saudi Arabia . Foreign citizens can apply for an Saudi e-Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Saudi Visa Application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Apply for a Saudi eVisa from Bahrain

Residents of Bahrain have the convenience of applying for a Saudi eVisa from Bahrain through a straightforward online process. As an outcome, they are no longer required to personally visit an embassy or consulate, making the application procedure hassle-free.

It is significant to remember that residents of 49 countries, including Bahrain residents, are required to obtain an approved visa prior to their travel to Saudi Arabia. Additionally, individuals holding a valid GCC card are eligible to apply for a Saudi visa directly from Bahrain.

When traveling from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, foreign residents have the option to select from various types of Saudi eVisa from Bahrain based on the purpose and duration of their visit. The following are the available visa types:

  • Hajj Visa for Muslim Pilgrims: This type of visa is specifically for individuals planning to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.
  • Tourist eVisa for Saudi Arabia: This visa is designed for tourists intending to visit Saudi Arabia for leisure, sightseeing, or recreational purposes.

Residents of Bahrain, who are citizens of an eligible country or possess a GCC card, can easily apply for a Saudi Arabia eVisa online. The application process can be conveniently completed within a few minutes using a mobile device, tablet, or personal computer.

Foreign residents of Bahrain who are eligible to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa online include individuals from the following nationalities or those holding a valid GCC card:

Albania Andorra
Australia Austria
Azerbaijan Belgium
Brunei Bulgaria
Canada Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia
Finland France
Georgia Germany
Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland
Italy Japan
Kazakhstan Korea, South
Kyrgyzstan Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malaysia
Maldives Malta
Mauritius Monaco
Montenegro Netherlands
New Zealand Norway
Panama Poland
Portugal Romania
Russian Federation Saint Kitts and Nevis
San Marino Seychelles
Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa
Spain Sweden
Switzerland Tajikistan
Thailand Turkey
United Kingdom Ukraine
United States Uzbekistan

These individuals can complete the visa application process online from their mobile devices, tablets, or personal computers.

Saudi e-Visa is a required travel authorization for travelers visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. This online process for Electronic Travel Authorisation for Saudi Arabia was implemented from 2019 by Saudi Government, with the goal of enabling any of the future eligible travelers to apply for an Electronic Visa to Saudi Arabia. Learn more at Saudi Visa Online.

What is the possible way of Applying for a Saudi eVisa from Bahrain

To obtain a Saudi eVisa from Bahrain, applicants need to follow these steps:

  • Online Application: Complete the form online by entering your personal, passport, and travel information. The application form is available on the Saudi Arabia eVisa system.
  • Payment of Fees: Pay the required fee, which includes the Mandatory Health Insurance fee necessary for entry into Saudi Arabia. The payment can be made online during the application process.
  • Online Submission: Submit the completed application form and payment online. Without the requirement, the entire process can be carried out to visit an embassy or consulate.
  • Allow Sufficient Processing Time: While most applications are processed quickly, it is advisable to apply for the Saudi eVisa from Bahrain at least 3 business days before the intended departure date to allow for any unforeseen delays.
  • Application Updates: Applicants will receive email notifications regarding the progress of their visa application.

It's extremely crucial to make sure that all the required documents for the Saudi eVisa from Bahrain are met to ensure a successful application.

Citizens of 51 countries are eligible for Saudi Visa. The Saudi Visa eligbility must be met to obtain the visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. A valid passport is required for entry into Saudi Arabia. Learn more at Eligible Countries for Online Saudi Visa.

Requirements for Obtaining a Saudi Arabia Visa from Bahrain

To apply for a Saudi eVisa from Bahrain, foreign residents need to fulfill the following document requirements:

  • Valid Passport or GCC Residency Card: Applicants must possess a valid passport issued by an eligible country or a valid GCC Residency Card.
  • Debit or Credit Card: Using either a debit or credit card is necessary to make the purchase necessary fees during the online application process.
  • Valid Email Address: Applicants should provide an active email address that they have access to. This is important as the approved Saudi Arabia eVisa will be emailed to the applicant.

Once the application is approved, the Saudi Arabia eVisa will be electronically issued and sent to the applicant's email address. The eVisa allows the holder to stay in Saudi Arabia for a maximum period of 90 days.

Travellers can skip lengthy lines at the border by applying for a Saudi Arabia eVisa before travel. A visa on arrival (VOA) is available to nationals of certain nations in Saudi Arabia. There are many options for international tourists to Saudi Arabia to receive travel authorisation. Learn more at Saudi Arabia Visa On Arrival.

Check your eligibility for Online Saudi Visa and apply for Online Saudi Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight. British citizens, US citizens, Australian citizens, French citizens, Spanish Citizens, Dutch Citizens and Italian citizens can apply online for Online Saudi Visa. Should you need any help or require any clarifications you should contact our Saudi Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.