Saudi Business Visa Application: A Complete Guide for US Citizens

Updated on Jan 27, 2024 | Saudi e-Visa

Going to Saudi for a business trip? Before packing your bags, apply for a Saudi visa! Here’s the Guide on everything you should know about this visa application.

Picture this: You are suddenly informed about a business trip to Saudi Arabia to make a deal with a reputable organization there. Flying to Saudi from the USA is not a joke! You have so much to prepare. And it starts with applying for a Saudi visa so you can book your flight as early as possible. 

Thanks to Saudi Arabia eVisa! One doesn’t have to put much effort into the application, like taking trips to the nearest embassy. You will get your visa in just 3 business days. 

But before applying, you should know about other things about Saudi Arabia visit visa. Let’s get started. 

Saudi Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Saudi Arabia for a period of time upto 30 days for travel or business purposes. International visitors must have a Saudi e-Visa to be able to visit Saudi Arabia . Foreign citizens can apply for an Saudi e-Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Saudi Visa Application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Do US Citizens Need a Visa For Saudi Arabia For Business?

Of course, YES! For US citizens, a Saudi business visa is a legal permit to enter this country for business purposes. Holding a Saudi eVisa, you don’t have to show any original documents or make any appointments to the Saudi visa embassy nearby. The application process is automated and simple- Just a matter of minutes! You can easily apply for it online and start packing your bags for the trip.

However, although a Saudi eVisa allows visiting the country for up to 30 days for business purposes, Saudi visa validity depends on the type of visa you choose. For instance, with a single-entry visa, you get a 3-month visa for Saudi Arabia from the date of issue with a maximum stay of 90 days. 

Contrarily, a multiple-entry visa allows up to 1 year of validity with a maximum stay of 90 days each time. With this visa, you can enter this country a few times if required. 

Saudi e-Visa is a required travel authorization for travelers visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. This online process for Electronic Travel Authorisation for Saudi Arabia was implemented from 2019 by Saudi Government, with the goal of enabling any of the future eligible travelers to apply for an Electronic Visa to Saudi Arabia. Learn more at Saudi Visa Online.

How to Have a Business Visa to Saudi Arabia

Are you applying for a Saudi business visa online? If yes, let us tell you that this Saudi eVisa form is easy to fill in just a few minutes. Now, all you need to do is follow these steps one by one to ensure you are doing it the right way:

Step 1

You will get a few questions here on your screen that you need to answer to complete the application form. There can be things like your passport number, full name, address, etc, which are not very complicated. Still, we suggest filling them out carefully, as any wrong detail can cause a visa application refusal!

Once done, go for the ‘Processing’ option.

Step 2

Review all the details you put and process to the payment platform and continue with the Saudi business visa fee payment. The fees can be between 50 to 215 USD and you can pay using your credit or debit card. Usually, there’s no additional charge. But your application country and visa processing time can affect it sometimes. 

Step 3:

Finally, you need to upload the documents required and click on the submit button when you are ready to send it. Here are the documents you need to provide:

  • A valid passport with a six-month validity from the date of your return (make sure the passport has at least two free pages to get the visa stamp, or you may have to apply for a visa renewal)
  • A valid email address
  • Colored headshot photos without any facial expression or wearing glasses, and they shouldn’t be older than 90 days
  • The invitation letter from a Saudi organization must contain the company address, timeline, travel purpose, and sign
  • A registration copy of your business based in Saudi if there are any

Note: Your passport shouldn’t contain any visa stamp from Israel. Or else your visa application may be rejected.

A Complete Guide to Apply Saudi Business Visa

Need Any Help with the Saudi Business Visa Application?

If it’s your first time filling out an online visa application form and looking for expert help, count on us. At SAUDI ARABIA VISA, our experienced agents can assist you throughout the process, from filling out the application to reviewing your spelling, grammar, and accuracy of details to translating your documents into over 100 languages. Also, we can help with obtaining travel authorization.

So, why wait? Apply now!

Travelling for Business purposes to Saudi Arabia? If it’s your first time, you need to have a clear idea of Saudi business e-Visa requirements. See here!. Learn more at Saudi Arabia Business Visa Application.

Italian citizens and Dutch Citizens can apply online for Online Saudi Visa.